In The Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research CoE-LaSR more than 30 Dr.Sc/PhD’s from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, University of Oulu, University of Helsinki and Aalto University aim to create new knowledge, science, openings and breakthroughs in the emerging field of Laser Scanning.

The CoE-LaSR is funded from the Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence programme.

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Laser Scanning - MLS

EuroSDR benchmarkings of Laser Scanning data processing methods and mobile laser scanning systems

Laser Scanning - forest inventory

Operational forest inventory since 2008/2010

CMOS - Laser Scanning

Single photon laser radar enables improved performance and miniaturization of radars

Laser Scanning - FGI Sensei UAV

World’s first miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (mini-UAV) based laser scanner

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Laser Scanning Network

Our networks around the world are presented on the following map.

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Selected Papers

CMOS - Laser Scanning

CMOS Time-to-Digital Converter

Stem volume - Laser Scanning

Method to retrieve stem volume

Multiplatform MLS - Laser Scanning

Multiplatform Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS)