We create new knowledge, science, openings and breakthroughs in the emerging field of laser scanning.

The Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research CoE-LaSR is home of more than 30 Dr.Sc and PhD’s from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, University of Oulu, University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

The CoE-LaSR is funded from Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence programme.

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Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research

Ubiquitous positioning with emerging sensing technologies

Juha Hyyppä

Distinguished professorship 2011-2014

Forest laser scanning

Innovation award 2010

Juha Hyyppä

Juha Hyyppä to give a keynote speech in Magnus Wallenberg Prize Symposium

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Laser Scanning Network

Our networks around the world are presented on the following map.

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Selected Papers

CMOS - Laser Scanning

CMOS Time-to-Digital Converter

Stem volume - Laser Scanning

Method to retrieve stem volume

Multiplatform MLS - Laser Scanning

Multiplatform Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS)