CoE-LaSR forestry research and activities were presented on 4th November in a seminar “Laserkeilauksen huippuyksikkö ja moderni metsänarviointi” organised by Taksaattoriklubi in Paikkatietomarkkinat (Seminar in Finnish). According to the visitor feedback, the content of the CoE-LaSR seminar was the most interesting in the Fair. (See the program here).

Sensei – UAV

Sensei, an early unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) -based laser scanner developed at FGI that has contributed significantly to the emerging mini-UAV laser scanner field, is presented in GEO informatics December issue 8/2013. Read more (page 20).

LIDAR mapping

Unconvential LIDAR mapping, such as mapping from air (Airborne Laser Scanning, ALS), terrestrial (Terrestrial Laser Scanning, TLS) and mobile (Mobile Laser Scanning, MLS) platforms will be a strong focus of the department of remote sensing and photogrammetry and Centre of Excellence. Juha Hyyppä has recently given presentations on the development and future prospects of the field in the 54th Photogrammetic week, Stuttgart and ICASD workshop, Köln, and will be a keynote speaker in Silvilaser Conference, Beijing