One of our post doc researchers, Matti Vaaja, has been appointed Assistant Professor at Aalto University’s Department of Built Environment. (1.8.2017-31.7.2022.)

 This is a great success for the Centre of Excellence as our aim is to boost knowledge based growth and quality of research in the field of laser scanning and its applications. This is best done by educating professionals and young talents.

 Vaaja is specialized in Geoinformatics and especially digital photogrammetry. In his research he has focused on developing new feasibility areas for laser scanning methods and 3D -pointcloud models based on terrestrial measurement systems.

 His findings have been utilized in the field of geomorphology for studying the river floodplains, in the field of forest sciences and for developing advanced road lighting inventory methods.

 In his new position Vaaja wishes to investigate the possibilities of utilizing laser scanning methods in multidisciplinary projects for the benefit of society and to produce breakthroughs in mapping urban-, route- and aquatic environments. His aim is to advance education in this field and to train a new generation of experts in laser scanning and 3D -pointclouds.