Research utilizing the circuit techniques developed at the University of Oulu has been carried out i.e. in the EU-funded Minifaros project, which aimed at opening up the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) market to small and medium-sized cars. Furthermore, the aim was to broaden the range of possible applications by developing a new low-cost, low-power, miniature Laser scanner characterized by high performance.

The project was carried out with the leading industries and research organizations of the field (Sick A.G., Fraunhofer Institute, VTT, ISSC, Volvo, Skoda). It developed and demonstrated a totally new type of laser sensor for enhanced environment perception in terms of omnidirectional optics, a MEMS solution for replacing the scanning mirror, integrated electronics and the ability to serve numerous automotive applications and others besides.

First picture above shows the laser radar receiver board (diameter 5 cm) and the developed receiver and time interval measurement ICs´. The construction of the prototype Laser scanner (dimensions 8*8*12 cm3) is shown in the second picture.