Juha Hyyppä


Head of Department, Prof. (Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry), Distinguished Prof., Adjunct Prof. (Remote Sensing, Laser Scanning, Forest Remote Sensing), Dr. Sc. (El. Eng.), Finnish Geodetic Institute, Department of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, leading the team “Mobile and ubiquitous laser scanning”.

Juha Hyyppä has over 400 scientific and technical papers (85 ISI, 120+ journal, 200 full-paper reviewed) on remote sensing, especially in the field of laser scanning, radar and point cloud processing. The recognitions he has received include ISPRS President’s Citation 2008, ASPRS second best paper in PERS (2009), Innovation Award (2010) and recognition from MWP Symposium in 2011. He has been Editor/Guest Editor of several journals, including ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and RS, Centenary Celebration Issue, MDPI Remote Sensing on LS and Forestry Special Issue, and MLS Special issue.



Heli Honkanen


M.Sc., practical coordination of the Centre of Excellence.



Dr. Sc. Anttoni Jaakkola, research manager, doctoral thesis on mobile laser scanning and 16 ISI journals. His mini-UAV-ALS paper was published within ISPRS Journal of Photogr. and Remote Sensing: 100-year special issue. He has several patents.

Dr.Sc. Xiaowei Yu, expert on point cloud processing for forestry, the most-cited female researcher of FGI during FGI’s history.

Dr.Sc. Mika Karjalainen, research manager and vice-head of dept., PO leader, expert in radar technology and has 10 ISI journals.

PhD Yuwei Chen, research manager, PhD in Circuit and System from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP), Chinese Academy of Science (China 2005). His main research topics include optic-electronics system design, sensor-based system design and application, high-speed analog and digital mixed circuit design, optic-electro pre-amplifier design, and LIDAR system design and data processing. He holds 8 patents and is the author 12 ISI journals (39 Scopus papers) at FGI.

Adjunct Prof. Ling Pei, Ph.D. in test measurement technology and instruments from the Southeast University, China (2007). Docent at the Jiangxi Agriculture University. His research interests include indoor/outdoor seamless positioning, ubiquitous computing, wireless positioning, mobile computing, and context-aware applications in location based service(LBS). He holds 6 patents and authored 6 ISI journals and 30 Scopus papers at FGI.

Dr. Jingbin Liu doctoral degree (2008) in Geodesy from Wuhan University, China. Prior to joining FGI, he worked in industry at SiRF Technology Corporation, a worldwide leading GPS receiver manufacturer. His research interests cover various aspects of outdoor/indoor seamless navigation, including GNSS precise positioning, integrated GNSS/inertial sensor positioning, indoor location awareness based on IEEE 802.11 wireless signals, software-defined GNSS receiver technology, and GNSS-based meteorology. He is the author of 9 ISI journals and 21 Scopus listed papers at FGI.

Dr. Liang Chen PhD in Signal and Information Processing from Southeast University (China) 2009, Postdoctoral Researcher of Academy of Finland, has authored or co-authored over 30 scientific papers and two book chapters, has 4 pending patents and expertise for processing MLS and PLS data with Signal and Information Processing technology.

PhD Eetu Puttonen expert in point cloud processing, especially with active hyperspectral LIDAR, has 10 journals.

Dr.Sc. Leena Matikainen expert on laser scanning algorithms, classification and map updating, the first person to present map updating with laser scanning. She has 9 ISI web listed journal articles.

Dr.Sc. Xinlian Liang, expert on terrestrial laser data processing for individual tree inventory.

Dr. Sc. Lingli Zhuresearch manager, expert on 3D model reconstruction from point cloud. Doctoral thesis on automatic object detection and 3D model reconstruction. Prior to joining FGI, she has worked in photogrammetry field for more than ten years. She has authored or co-authored 20 scientific papers including one book chapter, journals and conference papers.

Dr.Sc. Eero Ahokas, expert in intensity calibration. He has 9 ISI web listed journal papers.

PhD Yunsheng Wang, is a GIS and point cloud processing specialist. He is visitor from University of Freiburg.



Dr. Eng. V. Palankovski (FiDiPro Fellow)

Dr.Eng. Sergey Vainshtein Senior Scientist in the Ioffe Institute (until 2002), from then on Visiting Researcher/University Senior Researcher at the OU. He has more than 100 scientific publications, 38 of them in refereed international scientific journals. His expertise includes compound semiconductor devices, high-speed and breakdown phenomena in semiconductors, high-speed switches and high-speed/high-power laser and light emitting diodes.

Dr. Guoyong Duan

Dr.Eng. Antti Mäntyniemi is an established time-to-digital converter (TDC) researcher. He has authored or co-authored 10 journal and 28 conference publications.

Dr.Eng. Jussi-Pekka Jansson is an expert with CMOS based time interval measurement circuits and devices.

Dr.Eng. Sami Kurtti, his expertise includes optical receivers and timing discrimination techniques for a pulsed TOF laser rangefinder. He has authored or co-authored of 10 scientific publications.

Dr.Eng. Ilkka Nissinen, his expertise includes time interval measurement electronics and CMOS-based single photon detectors and detector arrays. He has authored or co-authored 13 scientific papers.

Dr.Eng. Jan Nissinen, his expertise includes CMOS receiver channel electronics, CMOS-based single photon detectors and detectors arrays and CMOS laser diode driver electronics for TOF laser radar measurement applications. He has authored or co-authored 11 scientific papers.

Dr.Eng. Boris Ryvkin (Ioffe Institute), expert in modeling of semiconductor devices, visiting scientist.



Henrik Haggrén, Professor in photogrammetry at Aalto University. His international acknowledgements include Carl Pulfrich Award and Harper-Somers 1997 Fellow.

Adjunct Prof. Tommi Sulander is senior research fellow at University of Helsinki, Department of Social Research. PhD in social policy in 200, adjunct professorship in 2007, has over 100 publications out of which of 30+ articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Jari Vauhkonen, university lecturer at UH, adjunct prof. in forest remote sensing (University of Eastern Finland), the youngest ever PhD in forest sciences in Finland, 14 peer-reviewed international journal articles.

Dr.Sc. Petri Rönnholm, Senior Lecturer at Aalto, over 60 scientific publications, his expertise is registration of various remote sensing data sets, he has coordinated one international benchmarking.

Dr.Sc. Ville Lehtola, a postdoctoral researcher of Academy of Finland at Aalto, focused on indoor 3D reconstruction and visualization, and intrinsic (GNSS-free) localization of laser scanners.

Dr. Ville Kankare, UH, PhD in the field of forest biomass estimations by means of different LS measurements.