Juha Hyyppä


Head of Department, Prof. (Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry), Distinguished Prof., Adjunct Prof. (Remote Sensing, Laser Scanning, Forest Remote Sensing), Dr. Sc. (El. Eng.), Finnish Geodetic Institute, Department of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, leading the team “Mobile and ubiquitous laser scanning”.

Juha Hyyppä has over 400 scientific and technical papers (85 ISI, 120+ journal, 200 full-paper reviewed) on remote sensing, especially in the field of laser scanning, radar and point cloud processing. The recognitions he has received include ISPRS President’s Citation 2008, ASPRS second best paper in PERS (2009), Innovation Award (2010) and recognition from MWP Symposium in 2011. He has been Editor/Guest Editor of several journals, including ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and RS, Centenary Celebration Issue, MDPI Remote Sensing on LS and Forestry Special Issue, and MLS Special issue.



Prof. Dr. Antero Kukko

Prof. Dr. Harri Kaartinen

Prof. Dr. Eija Honkavaara

Dr. Sc Eetu Puttonen expert in point cloud processing, especially with active hyperspectral LIDAR, has 10 journals.

Dr.Sc. Xiaowei Yu, expert on point cloud processing for forestry, the most-cited female researcher of FGI during FGI’s history.

Dr. Sc. Matti Lehtomäki

Dr. Sc. Paula Litkey

Dr. Sc Juho-Pekka Virtanen

Dr. Sc. Heikki Hyyti